Take control of your data

Enterprise systems aren’t built with your specific needs in mind.
Customised systems are costly and time consuming to build

Envido Core is  highly flexible platform:
Quick and easy to build, release and monitor.


So you can pull the threads together & close the loop

  • Decide what to measure
  • Set your health community to work
  • Aggregate results
  • Get knowledge for action at your fingertips

Make it easy to monitor compliance

Envido Core (EnCORE) is a highly flexible platform that lets you quickly and easily build, release and monitor events and journey

Quick Overview


Use Case

Cohort data collection for a study

Researchers often need to collect data in support of a study. Envido ….

Hospital or network of hospitals national standards compliance program
Practice Managers coordinate all your quality activities & reporting
Patient reported outcomes
Disease registries

~   New Line

Sole clinician one or more audits